Testimonials – Nutkrack

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Don't just take our word for it. These are examples of the unsolicited, genuine feedback that we receive every single week!

I received one of your 4 ounce containers of Classic Nutkrack as a Christmas present. The small group of ladies exchanges a small gift among the few members. I opened it when I got home and it was like “Wow”. This was the best gift! ....It is such a delight to “discover” something so delicious and share it with others. You tell people I have something special for you. And then wait …. there’s the big smile and nod. Keep up the fine artisan pecans. They are simply divine.
What a wonderful, thoughtful letter you wrote me. Your "Wisconsin" is showing! I will continue to be one of your biggest fans.... now even more than before. What a different world it would be if every business operated like yours!    Nutkrack has become my "go-to" when it comes to distance gift-giving. Without fail, your product gets rave reviews--for which I get all the credit! How good is that?
Just wanted to tell you we received a gift of your classic nuts from my supervisor and could taste the love. Thank you for doing what you're doing with such care and good taste.
Your product is spot on. Hands down best combo of salty and sweet.... On a sidenote I’m a gym rat who eats like a champ and very picky about foods that I cook and consume. With that said your product hits the mark for high-quality along with taste
Nutkrack is such a great gift—it always fits and people love it. My Mom [has] consumed a lot of your delicious product over the past year; the crunchy, melt-in-your mouth goodness of Nutkrack is perfect for older people who thought they needed to give up on eating nuts, which mostly are too “hard” to chew.
Love your products! And we share and tell all family and friends about your pecans. Simply delicious!  Chris
Delicious product. Completely sold out in less than a week.
—A wholesale customer via Faire.com
I just wanted to say y'all seriously have the BEST candied nuts ever end of. I really appreciate the low sugar content as well. Just bought a ton in bulk of the original and I'm going to have to hide them from myself because I cannot resist. The last time I bought 2 bulk bags I bagged up one for gifts and everyone said they ate them in a day. So keep doin you because it's working.
I just have to tell you how totally freaking awesome your pecans are. Seriously. The very BEST!!!!! That is all. :-)    —Angie
Received my order of Nutkrack and want to say thank you. It's great. I ordered from you because a friend gave me a container of Nutkrak, and it was so good. Then I gave someone a can from my order and guess what they are going to do? Order more for themselves. -Dave & Pat