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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes Nutkrack so darn tasty?

A: To start, pecans are North America's only native nut. They are loaded with flavor and nutrients, as well as super healthy fat. From there, Eric and his son cook them in a way that brings out the deep buttery richness that pecans naturally have, coat them with just a little sugar to give them some snap and lightly sprinkle them with just the right amount of salt. The formula is pretty simple: Sweet+Rich+Salt=Amazing. How we create Nutkrack is the distillation of a Chef's 40 year career and his passion to make people happy with great food.

Technically, Nutkrack is a "candied pecan," as it contains some caramelized sugar. We add just enough to bring forward the great depth of flavors pecan naturally contain. 

Q: Is Nutkrack gluten-free?

A: Yes! Nutkrack is produced in a facility that only makes Nutkrack. As of August 2018, we have certification from Covance/Eurofins Lab that the product is Gluten-Free. Firekracker is also Gluten-Free.

Q: Is Nutkrack vegan?

A: Yes! We work with four simple ingredients, all of which are animal- and byproduct-free (pecans, canola oil, sugar, salt). Firekracker, which is our chili-spiked version of Nutkrack, is also vegan. 

Q: How much sugar is in Nutkrack?

A: There are 5 grams of sugar in each serving of Nutkrack. A serving of Nutkrack is 1 oz or ~28 pecan halves. 

Q: Is Nutkrack keto-friendly?

A: Yes! Pecans are a naturally low carbohydrate nut. In each serving of Nutkrack there are 7 grams of carbohydrates and 2 grams of fiber. Making the total net carbs 5 grams. 

Q: Is Nutkrack GMO-free?

A: Yes! All of our ingredients are GMO-free as of June 2020. 

Q: How long does Nutkrack stay fresh?

A: Unopened, our packaging will keep Nutkrack fresh for up to 8 months. We place a "Best By" date of 7 months from the date of creation on the bottom of the can to maximize your delight. Once opened, Nutkrack and potato chips have some similarities. First off, you can't eat just one. Secondly they both lose their "snap" if left out too long. Lastly, they both benefit from their package being resealed when not in use. On that rare occasion when a can of Nutkrack has managed to go unopened beyond its “Best By” date, rest assured it is safe and tasty to eat up to a month past. 

Q: Do you sell other kinds of nuts?

A: The short answer is no, we only sell candied pecans :-) The long answer is a bit more philosophical: There is beauty in simplicity. In this day and age, you can buy just about anything you want from anywhere, so we choose to sell something we are proud to stand behind and are great at making! 

Q: Why pecans?

A: There are so many reasons. First off, Nutkrack was a very happy accident. You can read more about that here. Secondly, pecans are just the perfect nut for caramelization. They toast beautifully, lend a unique buttery flavor, and have tiny nooks and crannies for salt & sugar to rest in--making them very flavorful. Thirdly, pecans are the only nut native to North America, which we all find to be really cool.

Q: Can I buy a Nutkrack gift card?

A: Heck, yeah! We have gift certificates available for purchase at our flagship store in Madison. Stop by if you are in the neighborhood :-) You may also call us at 608-709-1077 to purchase a gift card. 

Q: What's up with shipping?

A: We are currently able to ship anywhere in the United States. Typically, orders are shipped within 24 hours from the time they are placed (not counting major holidays and Sundays).

As always, shipping and handling rates depend on a magic combination of weight, size, destination, carrier and how fast you need it to get there. It's expensive, we know. But trust us, we don't make any money on shipping and are always looking for lower-cost ways to move orders around! Any savings we achieve is passed directly to the customer. 

Q: Does Nutkrack collect sales tax in all states?

A: No. We do not currently collect sales tax for sales outside the states of Wisconsin, Illinois and New York, where we have achieved nexus. This is constantly changing though (Minnesota, you're next!) as we grow our nut domination empire. Nutkrack is usually classified by states as a "candy," and as such it is subject to sales tax where applicable.

If you order to another state, it is important that you understand the sales tax rules and requirements for your state. Some states require sales an/or use taxes to be reported by the consumer. This is solely the responsibility of the consumer. 

Q: What is your return policy?

A: If for whatever reason, you're not satisfied with your Nutkrack purchase, we will humbly refund the amount of your purchase, including shipping costs. As a small, family-run business always looking to make improvements in our product and service, we may contact you for your feedback on how to exceed your expectations in the future. Your feedback truly is important to us, so we invite you to share the good, the not-so-good and everything in between with us directly.

Q: What are your privacy policies and terms of service?

A: Click to view our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service.


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