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Corporate Gifts and Event Purchases

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Gifts for all occasions!

Thank you for your interest in a multiple gift purchase with Nutkrack! Our pecans are the perfect accompaniment to celebrations of all kinds, and the ultimate gift for the guests, clients, and staff that are the heart of your business. We put tremendous care into creating every handmade batch of candied pecans, and we hope you and your recipients genuinely enjoy the difference that buying from a small business can make!

Carefully packaged Nutkrack in a shipping box

Nutkrack is great for every occasion, and here are some popular options:

Holiday Multi-Packs
Choose a single Nutkrack product, multi-pack bundle, or make your own. We’ll ship directly from our shop in standard or gift boxes. Popular bundles include 3-flavor packs and can even include local chocolate items! We can also include cards and/or your company’s promo materials inside each package. Gift bags are available for $2/each.

Classic, Firekracker, and Everything Nutkrack in a gift box Classic Nutkrack and Firecracker wrapped in a beautiful red gift bag


Custom options for events
Custom gift pouches are perfect for weddings, events, fundraisers, festivals and more. You can include your own sticker design and logo, or we can design one for you. We fill each pouch by hand with our freshest pecans and there is no minimum or maximum quantity required to order!

Nutkrack packed in a custom gift pouch for Madison Small teaser size bags of Nutkrack

The details:

How to order: Orders are accepted via email. Please email A member of our staff will respond to answer any questions and confirm your order details.

Pricing: All prices are listed in US dollars and are subject to change without notice. Cans are available in any quantity. Prices and discounting levels are as follows:

 Size Price Flavors Available
4oz can $8.49 Classic, Firekracker, Everything
8oz can $15.99
Classic, Firekracker, Everything
16oz can $27.99 Classic
Bulk $23.00/lb Classic, Firekracker, Everything


 Discount Quantity
5% off 25+
10% off 50+
15% off 100+
20% off 200+

Please note that the per-can discounts below may not be applicable to already discounted gift bundles listed on our website.

Interested in custom pouches? Call (608) 709-1077 or email for a quote!

Delivery: Customers local to the Madison, WI area can request free delivery of their order to a single location, or may pick up at the Nutkrack shop located at 2086 Atwood Ave in Madison.

Shipping: Let us do the work! We will ship packages directly to your clients or staff on your behalf. Buyer will be charged for all carrier and insurance costs, plus $2.50/recipient for the cost of shipping supplies and labor to pack shipments. Gift bags are also available for $2/each and notes can be included in each package for no additional cost.

Payments: Nutkrack can accept checks, credit cards (MasterCard, Visa, Discover and American Express), or online payment via QuickBooks. All payments (unless otherwise negotiated in writing) are due 15 days after receipt.

Questions? Want to discuss a custom design or pouch? Need an estimate? Contact or (608) 709-1077.