POWER PACK! Four 8oz cans – Nutkrack

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two athletes in a gym with weights in background, foreground shows the Power Pack item, four 8 ounce cans of Nutkrack and Firekracker pecans

POWER PACK! Four 8oz cans

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Nutkrack is proud to be a vendor at this year's CrossFit Games here in Madison, Wisconsin. The CrossFit games are a competition unlike any other, and we cannot wait to introduce Nutkrack pecans to this year's competitors! Nutrient-packed, high energy, low in sugar, and high protein, our pecans are the perfect fuel for elite athletes and enthusiastic spectators! With only four quality ingredients, it's the healthy snack you'll keep in your gym bag for energy before a training session, and a crunchy, delicious reward after your workout.
Grab this deal made just for the Games! Four 8-ounce cans of Nutkrack and/or Firekracker pecans at a great price!