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Nutkrack Two Pound Bulk Bag of Firekracker

Two Pound Bulk Bag of Firekracker Chili-Spiked Candied Pecans

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8oz cans not enough?  We've got this! Try our bulk candied pecans. Firekracker is a great addition to tons of recipes, and if you prefer snacking, this is the choice for you too!

Firekracker is our spicy flavor, made exactly the same way as Classic Nutkrack, with five chili powders added at the end of the production process. Think two on the four chili scale, with a nice, slow-building Midwestern-style heat.

Check out these recipes with our bulk chili-spiked candied pecans

Spicy Firekracker Quiche

Cheesy Firekracker Grits (GF)

Amy Sedaris' Lil' Smoky Cheeseball

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