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You Have Nutty Questions, We Have Nutty Answers!

Working the retail counter at our shop on Atwood, we hear a lot of the same questions. While we’ve gladly answered them and will continue doing so (honestly, engaging with you, our customers, is easily the most enjoyable part of running a business), the Nutkrack team thought it might be helpful to compile a list of questions and answers you can access all at once. Here’s what seems to come up most often:

  • You only sell one thing?!?! 
    • Yes! We hear this one a lot. Nutkrack is as “specialty” as a business can get. Our goal is to do one thing really, really well, and we think our candied pecans achieve that. We could be moving into unchartered territory soon, though, as we’re planning to expand to a whopping TWO products with a chili-spiked version chef Eric’s been tinkering with. We hope to have those on store shelves within the year. Follow us on social media for updates!


  • Why just pecans? 
    • Even raw, pecans have a rich, dark, buttery quality. We’ve found that the delicate caramelization that makes Nutkrack unique works better with pecans than with any other nut. And trust us, we’ve tried!


  • Where do you source your pecans? 
    • Almost always New Mexico, sometimes Texas or other states. To create the finest possible product, Eric sampled pecans from various locations before settling on these, which he found to offer the best combination of flavor, size, and consistent availability. And, of course, we always value buying American.


  • Where can I buy Nutkrack? 
    • In addition to selling Nutkrack at our shop at 2086 Atwood Avenue where production takes place, we wholesale throughout Madison, Milwaukee, Door County and Washington Island. For a complete list of locations, see the page “Where to Buy” on our website. Plans are underway to expand further; we’re currently exploring markets in Chicago and the Twin Cities. For now, to satisfy long-distance cravings, we ship everywhere in the U.S.


    • Is Nutkrack gluten-free / vegan? 
      • Nutkrack is naturally both gluten-free and vegan! There are only four ingredients: pecans, sugar, sea salt and canola oil. People with severe allergies can also enjoy Nutkrack, as our production kitchen strictly prohibits the presence of gluten, peanuts and tree nuts other than pecans. We take your health and safety very seriously!


    • How long does it stay fresh? 
      • Unopened, the packaging will keep Nutkrack fresh for up to ten months. On the bottom of each can you can find a “Best By” date of ten months from the day of production. This is a conservative suggestion of when you can best enjoy your your Nutkrack. Once opened, you should keep your can resealed when not in use. If by either a miracle or a tragedy, depending on how you see it, a can of Nutkrack has gone unopened beyond its “Best By” date - rest assured that it’s still safe and delicious to eat up to a month past the sticker date.


    • Can I get wholesale information, please? 
      • Most definitely! You can view our wholesale terms and get answers to all your burning questions by e-mailing Don't worry, he's nice. 


    • I hear you have punch cards? 
      • Good ears. We jumped on the punch card bandwagon on January 1st, 2019, and they’ve been a hit! The cards require 20 punches for completion. The number of punches you receive depends on the can size you purchase: quarter pounds get one punch, half pounds get two and full pounds, four. Once you fill a card you’ll get to take home a free half-pound can and you can start working on your next 20 punches! (We recommend you reserve this half-pound for your own tasting enjoyment. Really, it was too hard-earned to give as a gift, or to watch the rest of your family devour.) Please note, punch cards are active only at our store on Atwood and at most tabled events, like the downtown Night Markets and Breese Stevens Bodegas.


    • Can I get a donation for my charitable cause? 
      • Thanks for your valuable work! We wish we could donate to each one of your causes. But as a very small, new business that runs tight margins just to be profitable, we need to set parameters for how much and when to donate. Each month we have a budget of what we can give. In addition, Nutkrack participates in Amazon Smile to benefit Madison’s Luke House, located on Ingersoll St. in Madison. During the holiday season, we teamed up with Planet Propaganda to raise money for the Fritz food pantry at the Goodman Community Center with our sale of Krampus Kibble. We plan to repeat this fundraiser next holiday season. We are proud of the ways we’ve been able to give back to the community so far, and we’ll continue doing so wherever we can!


    • Can cans of Nutkrack go through airport security? 
      • Yes. Lots of our customers take Nutkrack with them on both domestic and international flights. The only travel problem we hear about is fulfilling friends’ and families’ Nutkrack requests without exceeding baggage weight limits. And sorry, we can’t help you with that one. Speaking of flying - do you have cool travel plans? Jealous. Share the fun with us and earn the chance to win a free quarter pound of Nutkrack by entering our current giveaway contest, Nutkrack Abroad! Just snap a photo of you posing somewhere interesting alongside a can of Nutkrack. Post it to your social media page and tag us, then wait to hear if you’re a lucky winner! (You probably are.)


    • How do you make Nutkrack? 
      • Here’s the one question we won’t be much help with. Our recipe is so good that we keep it top-secret. What we can tell you: Nutkrack is toasted. We create it in very small batches, three or four pounds at a time. You already know the ingredients. And, our product is the distillation of a chef’s 40-year career and his passion to make people happy with great food.

    We hope this information helps, though not so much that it stops you from chatting with us in the shop! Contact us at any time with further comments or questions by coming into our store or to an event we’re tabling, calling us at (608)709-1077, dropping us a line on our social media pages, or commenting on our blog posts. We look forward to talking to you soon!


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