Dark Chocolate Trail Mix Recipe with Candied Pecans – Nutkrack

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RECIPE: Nutkrack Trail Mix-Candied Pecans in the wild!

Nutkrack is a great treat, and a perfect snack at work or around the house.  It can also be much more than that!  

When you are on the go and need energy, but are not willing to compromise on great flavor and nutrition, we have got what you need!

This recipe is one of the ways that our founder and chef, Eric Rupert, most loves to introduce people to Nutkrack.  It is deceptively simple; only three ingredients at its core, but the end result is MUCH greater than the sum of the parts! Plus, it comes together in just a few minutes!

Directions for Fancy Nutkrack Trail Mix Made With Candied Pecans


We also have a ton of suggestions for additional ingredients, depending on what you have a taste for on a particular day.  Take a look!


Assorted Nut Plate

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