Happy Labor Day from Team Nutkrack!

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Happy Labor Day from Team Nutkrack!

Happy Labor Day from Team Nutkrack!

This is a very special and meaningful weekend for everyone here at Nutkrack HQ. We love pretty much all holidays, celebrations, parties, dinners, days that end in Y and all other reasons to share our extraordinary pecans with the people you love, but Labor Day weekend hits home in a deeper way for our team.

We are a small company: 3 ownership partners who work every day in the business, and 9 other full or part-time employees who make this place what it is.

We make one thing, in two (sometimes three) different flavors.  All of the work takes place in our tiny retail shop/production space/shipping hub/office/test kitchen on Atwood Avenue here in Madison, Wisconsin.

As we are fond of saying, our product is simple, but we are not. As we work to bring joy and delicious nuts to the world, we also do a lot more than that.

When we wrote down our values and guiding principles as a company a few years back, we included this one:

Staff experience is our most important product.

This brings us back to where we started, thinking about Labor Day and what it means to us. 

As a company, the jobs we create and the experience our team has in those jobs is the most important thing we make.  

Without our team, there are no amazing pecans for us to share. Our goal is not only to make the best candied pecans in the world, it is to be the best employer we can be.

We are extremely proud of the employment package we have been able to offer the members of our team, after only 3 years of existence as a company:

  • Our average wage for hourly employees is over $20 per hour
  • We offer paid time off from the first day of employment
  • We offer health, vision and dental insurance to all employees working 30+ hours per week
  • We have paid out holiday bonuses every year our doors have been open
  • We recently held our first Mental and Physical Health Day, a paid day off for staff to pursue the activities that restore them
  • We offer paid volunteer opportunities in the community for our team

As we celebrate this weekend, and thank our team for all of their hard work, we thank you for being a part of our team too. Together we are helping to make our community into what we want it to be, and we get to eat amazing food together too!

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