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A Different Kind of Health Nut

At least once a day, a customer comes in raving about Nutkrack, but expressing guilt over their consumption of it. As someone who eats a quarter pound of the stuff most days, I get defensive when I hear this kind of talk. But my reaction is more than just a desire to absolve myself of guilt. Here are some reasons why you don’t need to feel anything except pure joy when you eat Nutkrack:

You can count the ingredients on one hand. Forget all the additives, preservatives and unpronounceable words you find in a lot of store-bought products. Whereas those ingredients lists often read like entire short stories, ours is small and sweet, just like our nuts themselves: sugar, sea salt and canola oil are all you will find in our pecans. We like to keep things simple.

Low sugar- In a product so buttery and sweet, people are often surprised that the sugar content is as low as it is. In one 1.5oz serving, Nutkrack contains just over a teaspoon of sugar (5g). Likewise, when we make our Nutkrack, just a little oil goes a long way.

Antioxidants and minerals- According to the American Pecan Council, pecans are rich in antioxidants, which help repair or delay damage to some kinds of cells in the body. Pecans also contain such vitamins and minerals as thiamin, zinc, vitamin E, copper and manganese, a mineral essential for metabolism and bone health.

High fiber- Compared to many other nuts and seeds, pecans are low in carbs (4g) and high in dietary fiber (3g). That’s 11% of your daily value of fiber per 1oz serving! You're welcome, colon. 

It’s got the good kind of fat. The biggest concern of our customers seems to be the fat content of pecans. But pecans are high in ‘good’ (monounsaturated) fat and naturally contain no sodium or cholesterol. Thanks to this, a high consumption of nuts - particularly pecans - has been linked to a significantly lower risk of heart disease. Amazing!

Perhaps the most well-known benefit of nuts are their high protein content. One 1oz serving of pecans contains three grams of protein.

Well, are you convinced? In times of doubt, I like to remember one customer’s words. “You tell all your customers,” she said, “that I am a nutritionist and I give everyone full permission to eat these and feel good about it. These things are good for you!” Stop in or order online today for some Nutkrack. Your body will thank you.

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