Team Nutkrack's Top Five Ways to Save Boring Meals

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Team Nutkrack's Top Five Ways to Save Boring Meals

It's almost been a year of living through a global pandemic. If you're like us, maybe you've lost some of your inspiration to explore in the kitchen — and rightfully so, it's been a very long year! 

Here at Nutkrack, many of us have a deep passion for food exploration, and yet we know how difficult it can be to find or create interesting and delicious meals day after day. And even though spring is here with new fresh flavors, maybe your body is still craving something familiar and comfortable. 

Maybe today you don't need another recipe to try. Maybe today you just need a tool to enhance a meal you're already good at making. 

A great way to do that is by trying out a new condiment!

Below are Team Nutkrack's Top 5 Condiments for adding excitement and flavor to everyday dishes: 

1. Lao Gan Ma Spicy Chili Crisp 
This yummy and crispy chili sauce is the perfect addition to mayonnaise-based recipes. We're talkin' chicken and tuna salad, deviled eggs, aioli and much more. Just add one tablespoon to start, and add more if you're feelin' fiery! If you live in the Madison area, support local and buy it from Viet Hoa Market.
Or find it online:
2. Trader Joe's Umami Seasoning
Some of us have a savory tooth instead of a sweet tooth —  if you do too, you will love this seasoning. Try adding a pinch to your morning scramble or these Pan Roasted VegetablesJust be aware this stuff is salty so you'll wanna use it to replace or adjust the amount of salt called for in a recipe.
3. Red Clay Hot Honey
Okay, so we've all had red pepper flakes on pizza. Some of us have had honey too. (Sounds strange but it is delicious!) Not nearly enough of us have had Red Clay's Hot Honey. This stuff is liquid gold. Seriously — drizzle it on pizza, slather it on a biscuit, or spoon it onto fried chicken. Your palate and your tummy will thank you.

4. Robert Rothschild Farm Champagne Garlic Honey Mustard
We are fortunate to have a mustard museum in the Madison area. THE NATIONAL MUSTARD MUSEUM! And because of their many samples, we get to try sooo many different kinds of mustard! So we will choose just one of our very favorites here, and encourage you to browse their website and visit them in person if you're in the area!
This one is Rothschild's Champagne Garlic Honey Mustard Pretzel Dip. It's not just a dip, though — add it to salad dressings, sauces, you name it! Amazing flavor.

5. Mina Harissa: Spicy Moroccan Red Pepper Sauce
There are many kinds of spicy, but harissa is in its own category of eye-watering heat. This North African chili-pepper paste is a gorgeous, complex mix of flavors that makes any recipe pop. Added as a condiment it is not for the timid, but so good! Add it to stews, chili, a dab on some toasted baguette with olive oil or try it on lefse with sour cream! We won't tell anyone.
There are many good brands, this is one.
Happy experimenting! We hope we've given you some ideas to bring your dinner back to life.

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